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How to activate your whole team on LinkedIn?

How to activate your whole team on LinkedIn?

This is a question I've got quite often, so I thought of sharing how we have approached this.

Start with why

People won't do things if they don't understand why it's important.

In our case, the main reason is this: We don't need to do cold calls & we can grow when we are building our brand on LinkedIn.

Additionally to this, we are paying two bonuses around this:

1) When our people are active on LinkedIn

2) When our people bring in new leads from LinkedIn (or any other channel)

Give people easy frameworks

For many people, one of the biggest challenges is coming up with new ideas for LinkedIn posts. For this, we have a Trello board that people can use to come up with ideas & forms for the posting.

We also provide quite a lot of content that people can utilize as ready-made posts and share those on Slack for people.

Utilize tech

I currently have two different techs we are utilizing for content production on LinkedIn.

Jasper AI for content production - It's surprisingly good. We typically give it ideas or a draft of the text and make it even better.

Let me give you an example of the process. First, I give the needed info to Jasper:

Then click generate and let's see the end results:

These aren't perfect, but with a little bit of editing, it gives a great start for you.

One other great use case for Jasper AI is re-using old content.

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Check your old LinkedIn content and see what has worked. Here's an post from my co-founder Saara that got some likes and interesting discussion:

Step 2: Let's ask Jasper AI to rewrite it to me

And here's the result with 3 different versions to choose from:

The second tool we utilize is Buffer for scheduling the posts. As you can see, a lot of stuff is coming out to different channels, including LinkedIn:

Do it together

My last tip is to do this together.

We have a weekly LinkedIn session every Monday afternoon where the agenda is the following:

1)   Any new contact requests/messages

2) Who has interacted with our content? Any potential leads?

3) What kind of content has been working?

4) Publishing some more content for the upcoming weeks

The whole team is invited to that session.

And that's how we make sure to build our brand on LinkedIn.