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Why I'm launching a business?

Why I'm launching a business?
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Today is my last day as an employee. The following story of my life will start as I become a start-up founder. I have had many discussions with start-up founders on why they have become an entrepreneur, and there are many reasons why people do that.

I have known I would become an entrepreneur for a long time.

I have had my own business before, but it has been a one-person show doing some speaking gigs, consulting & real estate investing.

I think it’s way different to do those things than build something big like I’m doing this time.

I would guess that most people think I will start a sales and LinkedIn coaching business.  I’m not doing that. I have a co-founder & we have hired our first employee. We are trying to build something bigger than a one-person show.

I have two main things why I want to launch my own business:

  1. I want to create the best possible workplace for people. I have heard endless stories about how companies don’t trust their employees or that employees need to come back to the office even if their role doesn’t require that. I want to create an environment where people can grow & enjoy work.
  2. Change the market. I see many opportunities in the market where we are going. I want to be the number one partner for our customers & bring more value than they can imagine. I want to make buying easy, and I want to make working with us easy.

I believed a few years back that if you want to launch a business, it should be something new & groundbreaking. What I realized later was that you need a lot of time & money to educate the market if you go that way.

I think the best way is to enter a market with demand for your product/service but do some things differently.

  1. Make buying easier for your customers. An example of what we are doing: Basically, anyone in our field don’t have pricing on their website. It's a tiny thing, but it makes buying easier if you can see the pricing online.
  2. Make customer experience your competitive advantage. There are a lot of things that we have already worked on to make this our advantage.
  3. Specialize in one niche.

I saw a need in a market that I think we can fill in the best possible way.

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What happens next? I will go to Mauritius for five weeks and, close my laptop & phone and relax. Grinding starts in August. See you then.

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