Episode 63: Positioning with Peep Laja

Apr 15, 2021

Positioning with Peep Laja In this episode of Sales & Marketing Talk Show, Peep Laja, founder of CXL & Wynter will share his thought on:

✔️ What is positioning & why it's so important?
✔️ How can you be different in a crowded market etc CRM?
✔️Peep Laja is super active on LinkedIn. Can you benefit LinkedIn when positioning your product?
✔️ What to do when you admit to yourself - "we're not really that different from our competitors"?
✔️ It’s about being fast rather than perfecting things. How should you be testing your positioning fast and effectively?
✔️ Has cultural differences doing business in the US & Europe that has affected the positioning of CXL's or Wynter's product?

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